Thursday, February 28, 2008

James sings Wrongtown

You boys are revelling in Wrongtown without me to slap you both


Start spreading the news...
I'm disturbing today...
I wanna be a part of it!
Wrongtown, Wrongtown!
My internal censor
Is fading away...
I'll make a wrong new start of it!
Wrongtown, Wrongtown!

or alternatively...

Wrongtown, Wrongtown,
The wrongest of towns!
The meatbomb's up and the dumpling is down!
James's mind is in a hole in the ground!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

James on dinosaurs

best dinosaur name ever

"Somebody please help! That protomammal is stealing my eggs!"
"Never fear, young lady, I will save your eggs."
"Oh, Supersaurus!" *swoons*

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

James channels Steve Irwin

pfft, its only a cockroach, its not like it going to go for someone's throat

Now this 'ere's a dangerous little blighter! Don't be fooled by how toiny he is - this ferocious bug 'as been known to scoot up yer pants an'ave a go at yer jugular!

James writes some lyrics

Goatfondler rocks as a surname. Or as a band name.
"And now, performing their number 1 smash hit 'Feed the Cheese Weasel', its Goat Fondler!!" *screams*

[massively shredded cock rock guitar riff]

Oh baby, I wanna paint your picture...
Smear my oils all over your easel...
I'm gonna go down to your feeding trough...
Oh yeah, you're gonna feed the cheese weasel...