Monday, July 14, 2008

James puns and the world takes cover

That was the pun equivalent of a nuclear device. The radiation is burning me.

[Scott enters the room in a reflective plastic radiation suit.]

"Control, I'm scanning the area now. Wordplayometer is on."
*crackle of static* "Careful, Scott. That suit will protect you, but not forever and not if the levels get too high."
"Checking the read-out, there's acceptable background pun radiation, but nothing serious."
*crackle* "Okay... proceed, but be careful."
"Hmmmm... just saw a small spike... jumped briefly from normal levels to Douglas Adams, but dropped ag- wait! The needle's climbing, Control."
"How high? Scott, how high?"
"It's topped Adams and ticked over into Pratchett... still within safe levels for this suit."
"For now, yes. That suit is rated up to Fforde levels, but only for a few minutes. If levels climb above Pratchett, I'm pulling you out. Do you understand me, Scott?"
"Loud and clearm Control. Hmmm... I see evidence of recent pun activity. I can see a few words that have been twisted beyond breaking point, and... oh my god..."
"What is it, Scott? . . . Scott, talk to me!"
"I've found a body, Control. Oh, Jesus... looks like they copped an Asprin-level blast right in the face. The face... oh, the expression of pain... horrible..."
*beep beep beep* "Scott, I'm getting a warning tone. What's going on?"
"Pun levels are spiking. Oh god... I have to get out of here!"
"What is it, Scott? Talk to me?"
"Xanth, Control! The needle's flipped right into the red and maxed out on Xanth. I need to get out right now!"
"Scott, that suit will only take Xanth-level pun radiation for a minute at most! Move!"
*pant pant* "Control, I don't think I'm going to make it..."
"Don't say that, Scott, just keep moving! Save your breath."
"If I don't make it, tell the world... someone has developed a Piers Anthony pun dirty bomb and used it on a civilian population. This is... monstrous!"