Wednesday, July 6, 2011

James rants about volcanoes

After this story appeared in The Age

the media seems to like rehasing this idea every 12 months or so... VOLCANOES! Falling from the sky! Spewing lava everywhere and burning the crops!

Bringing in their volcanic families from Indonesia! Stealing the jobs of honest Australian volcanoes!

See, this is why we don't have any vulcanism in Australia: South East Asian volcanoes took all the jobs and mass produced cheap eruptions! After Krakatoa, is it any surprise that our local industry is essentially dead? Oh sure, we have some boutique hot springs and volcanic mud, but no honest, large-scale, working class volcanic eruptions. If we want lava or magma in this country, we have to import it!

What we need to do is kick these dole-bludging local "dormant" volcanoes off their government payments and force them to get to work!

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